"Miniature Wonderland"

There's something inherently uneasy about an empty room that looks as if it should be occupied. Tables set out with a meal have been walked away from. Rooms without windows are set with perfectly formed furniture pieces. A candy shop has no customers. My intent with these images was to remove all sense of scale, to make you wonder if you can walk inside or perhaps a doll has stepped away. There's just something . . . off about all of these scenes. You feel as if you need to see something—a finger or a coin—to tell you what is real and what is not. This is my miniature Wonderland. These are the rooms Alice wandered into after eating poorly labeled mushrooms. Should she risk the pancakes? Take some cheese or bread? Maybe she needs some pie. Is there a way to get back out? Go ask the Walrus.

All miniatures made by The Inedible Kitchen