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Come join my Discord where we share art, silliness, and talk about everything unicorn related! This is the first place to find me, if you want to. I also stream on Twitch; miniature foods, costuming, and more.

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WAFFO! (Okay, if you get that anime ref, message me, and you will get a coupon code for a 10% discount if you're right.) But, really, who doesn't love waffles? As a kid, the Kitchen owner fondly remembers waffles for a special dinner treat. Some family did whipped cream, others honey, but the chef around here is a maple syrup girl all the way. This charm is for those who, like the chef, want syrup and butter!


Please use the custom text to indicate whether you want a necklace chain or keychain charm.

Waffle Charm

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price