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Come join my Discord where we share art, silliness, and talk about everything unicorn related! This is the first place to find me, if you want to. I also stream on Twitch; miniature foods, costuming, and more.

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Book One of The Threads Series by S.J. Garrett.

Unraveling Stories (Threads Book 1)

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  • Tyrian Southerwind thought his eighteenth birthday would be unremarkable: take on more duties as the son of the High General, meet with an emissary, and ignore his brother's teasing over the cluster of interested females stalking the now-legal combatant. Instead, he finds his entire world turned upside down as the beautiful emissary brings him news of the tyranny consuming the land--and stirs his heart in more ways than one. When his brother's death leads him to revisit their childhood home, and he sees the trouble firsthand, the High General's son does the only thing he can to save the people: he joins a rebellion.

    Unknown to Tyrian and the ones around him, however, is the great destiny laid before him. Long before he had been born, it had been foretold of a hero called a Kaiten Star that would be blessed by the stars and save his land. As Tyrian gathers those destined to share the skies with him, and struggles to fight back against the evil infesting the Empire, he finds his ability to endure pushed to the limit. Only the support of his Kentei Star—his destined lover—keeps him from shattering apart entirely.

    Gifted with a great power, burdened by eternity, and beholden to Destiny, can Tyrian rise up to become the hero of ancient stories before he loses everyone and everything he holds dear?