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Come join my Discord where we share art, silliness, and talk about everything unicorn related! This is the first place to find me, if you want to. I also stream on Twitch; miniature foods, costuming, and more.

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Book Two of The 3rd District Series by S.J. Garrett.

The Carmichael File (District Book 2)

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Welcome to the 3rd District in New York City where pumpkins become limos and corporations are kingdoms in this modern take on classic faerie tales.

    Sleeping beauty Rayna Carmichael has no idea what danger sent her into a coma for fifteen years, and an undercover warlock will have to find the truth before too many lies tear them apart permanently. Spirited Gwyn Trahern is marked for death by a jealous enemy, and only an artist with a gift of his own can save her from a poisoned apple. Confirmed bachelors, the seven Trahern brothers are content with their lives until they meet the seven sassy Germaine sisters, and with a little help from an enchanted locket, there might just be seven happy endings.

    Includes a bonus short story! Travel to Mirage, the world on the other side of the Styx, and meet simple farmer Jeran Windwalker whose quest to find a golden bird quickly gets him in over his head when he meets cursed maiden Michaela Sandstorm and falls in love. Only some 'Enforcing' from an unlikely ally will help these two figure out who the real enemy is before it's too late.