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Come join my Discord where we share art, silliness, and talk about everything unicorn related! This is the first place to find me, if you want to. I also stream on Twitch; miniature foods, costuming, and more.

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Together under one hardback cover, this book contains both CHRONICLE OF DESTINY and CHRONICLE OF SUMMER, one of the most beloved series by S.J. Garrett.

Chronicle Series Hardback

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price
  • Genocide.

    It marks the history of the Chronicle race. The populous Magi erased their more powerful cousins from the face of Lucksphere two thousand years ago, and any Chronicles discovered in the time since are murdered on sight.

    Tariah Chronis is a Chronicle. Her survival lays in a combination of her parents' love and a crafty disguise by a sympathetic member of the Kin race. Her continued survival hinges on her control of her emotions. When those emotions are released, her identity is revealed and her destiny secured. Now she is on the run, following the map buried within the lines on her body that will lead her to her other half: a Fury.

    Dominic Whisperer is a Fury. He has lived three centuries waiting for the day he will die. A Fury always feels the birth of their Chronicle, and they always feel their death. A Fury whose Chronicle dies will suffer endlessly until put out of their misery. Twenty years ago, Dominic put his affairs in order and prepared for that day.

    It didn't come.

    Now Tariah and Dominic will have to fight for their right to live, and to do it, they might have to save the very world that wants them dead.