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Come join my Discord where we share art, silliness, and talk about everything unicorn related! This is the first place to find me, if you want to. I also stream on Twitch; miniature foods, costuming, and more.

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Complete set of all five paperbacks of the 3rd District Series, plus the bonus artwork! Save almost $15 when you buy the set together rather individually. Each set also comes with a bonus Dancing Princess art card.

3rd District Series Paperback Set

$70.00 Regular Price
$52.50Sale Price
  • Welcome to the 3rd District in New York City where pumpkins become limos and corporations are kingdoms in this modern take on classic faerie tales.

    Is it possible that magic exists? That it could be housed within a single small district inside a huge metropolis? Those who enter the 3rd District in NYC would tell you “yes” to both questions. It may not look like much on the surface, but underneath runs a river of pure faerie tale magic. In this complete collection, journey alongside the Shaughnessy, Carmichael, Dease, and Lucino families as they cross paths with the District and discover happy ever after—and then follow the District’s protector, Rhianna Taber herself, as she sets out to finally achieve her own happy ending.

    When it comes to the District, happy ever after truly is only a contract away, and love just might be the force at the heart of it all.