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So, What Next? Help Decide!

UNSEEN KINGDOMS has finished posting (except for a bonus chapter I need to finish writing, forgive me) and THE DESTINED KINGDOM isn't scheduled to start until January 1. There are a couple reasons for that, two of which are art-related. One, I would like to have the cover art by then (if not, I'll just add it when I get it), and two, I am collaborating with the amazing Kylie Jude once more for a song from DESTINED. She previously worked with me on the theme song for 3rd District, so of course I leapt at a chance to have her work with me on Kingdoms. What song and who is singing? You'll find out eventually!

But that does leave me with three months of nothing to post, so I posit the question to you: what should I post? I could post the Cultivator costumes and my ideas for how to make them as cosplays, if we wanted to keep in Kingdoms theme. OR I could post another story entirely! I have both SHADOW ON THE SEA and UNTIL THE DAWN BREAKS as lovely short novellas that would fill in nicely.

You get to decide, so chime in with comments! I'll announce the decision next Saturday. Thank you for sticking with me through this adventure! <3

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