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Plans for Oct - Dec!

After looking at both SHADOW ON THE SEA and UNTIL THE DAWN BREAKS, I realized both are only six chapters long (I know, for me, that's crazy) so why not *both* get posted? And because it couldn't be more fitting, DAWN will be posted started next week through all of October and first weekend of November! After all, October is the witching time, so what better story than a rom-com about vampires and witches and a blood thirsty cult in the background? Right after, we'll go into the other side of the spectrum with my foray into the realm of angels and SHADOW ON THE SEA. This should perfectly time out all posts so that on December 24 you get the bonus chapter from UNSEEN KINGDOMS to transition us back into KINGDOMS Series, and then on January 1, THE DESTINED KINGDOM will start.

Why January 1? Well almost as soon as you read the prologue, you'll know why I decided to just once make a Sunday post and not a Saturday. It's fitting, in more ways than you yet know.

See you next Saturday and the first chapter of UNTIL THE DAWN BREAKS!

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