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S.J. Garrett

August 18, 2018

The Royal Era is a time of peace for the universe, and in the Blossom Field galaxy, a time of great change. The status quo of millions of years begins to shift as a new generation of Cultivators rise to rule and defend their worlds—and the prophesied Apexes of Dark and Light are born to balance all that lives. High Princesses Shanae Protea and Sayena Delphinium grow up knowing that there will be a price to pay for their very existence, for no Apex can live without paying such a thing, but only Shanae knows the bitter truth of the prophecy that clouds her days and haunts her sleep with nightmares. For her to pay her price, for her to do what must be done . . . the kingdoms will fall.


And in an apocalypse that reshapes all existence, they do.


Five thousand years pass before those who fell are able to rise again to finish what they had begun. Into a nearly new world they are born where many have forgotten they ever existed. Even the High Princesses themselves barely remember who and what they were—but inside their souls, the memories still live. As evil breaks free anew and forces them to confront their destinies and their past, it is their futures left uncertain as the price to exist looms ever closer, and threaten to destroy them before they can reclaim their crowns and their two kingdoms.

Kindle Version


Costume Designs by Fantazyme on deviantArt, Masks by Sapphire Masquerade Designs. YES you can cosplay these! Just please send me photos and shoutout the book(s)! (Please note none of the characters have elf ears; that's just the base that the artist used.)

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